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Ventilation system performance improvement procedure, regarding additional reefer containers carriage.

  • 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling of each cargo hold of the containership.
  • CFD analyses for calculating temperature distribution and air flow velocity inside the cargo hold for the new operating condition (additional reefer containers), utilizing the existing ventilation capacity.
  • Hot spots check.
  • Additional ventilation capacity evaluation.
  • Required ventilation capacity calculation according to Class rules.
  • Identification of ventilation ducts proper placement.
  • Modified duct arrangement design.
  • Selection of appropriate fans.
  • Preparation of technical documentation / drawings (e.g. revised duct arrangement, structural drawings, electrical drawings).

Overhauling / upgrading ventilation system for improved performance.

  • Attendance / supervision of installation / repair of existing ducting systems.
  • Attendance / supervision of fan installation / verification of proper operation.
  • Assessment of the new ventilation condition of the vessel by detailed measurements of duct mass flow rates and temperature distribution within the cargo holds.

GMT specializes in detailed ventilation analyses of containership holds using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.

We can assist your needs for increased capacity of reefer transfer and make sure that your vessel is capable of keeping refrigerated products in good condition.