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going green, promoting sustainability, operating environment-friendly vessels

GMT conducts 3D scanning and modeling for component arrangement and piping of competing systems, pre-selected by the owner.

Α clash detection process is performed for every system in order to minimize the interference with existing structure and outfitting arrangement.

GMT delivers a detailed feasibility report and after proper system’s selection, an engineering study is conducted moving forward to completing the installation process.

Facing the expected cost as well as availability issues of low-sulfur marine fuel, the option of retrofitting exhaust gas scrubbers is currently highly considerable.

GMT thoroughly plans the arrangement of SOx scrubber components, in order to be fully customized to the vessel’s exact operational characteristics.

From 3D scanning and engineering, to on site supervision and system installation, GMT undertakes project management so as to maintain consistency throughout the completion of the retrofit.

Improve your environmental footprint and comply with the emission reduction requirements by switching to LNG. Consult GMT for the related conversion project.

GMT conducts feasibility and engineering studies and collects efficient and accurate data required to detect vessel areas suitable for the LNG tank arrangement.

Using 3D laser scanning, we obtain a comprehensive view of all preselected areas and information required for 3D design regarding pre-fabrication purposes.

Improve the performance of your fleet by installing Energy Saving Devices.

Advice our engineers for the 3D design of ESDs via advanced systematic CFD calculations and improve your energy efficiency choosing from a range of modifications:

  • Propeller Hub Cap Fins
  • Rudder bulb
  • Inflow improving ducts
  • Pre-Swirl Stators

Aiming to reduce negative impacts linked to the recycling of EU-flagged ships, the Ship Recycling Regulation (SRR) - EU SRR 1257/2013 - requires, among other restrictions, an on board list of Hazard Materials (IHM).

GMT carries out any IHM related process task, for the purpose of compiling or updating HM inventories.
Our competent IHM Experts / HazMat Experts in accordance with ISO: 17020 - investigate the presence or absence of Hazard Materials, identified by our cooperating accredited laboratories (in accordance with ISO: 17025).

IHM is to be developed in compliance with relevant IMO guidelines, while taking into account the specificities of the EU legislative context.

Specifically SRR affects:

 new ships flying the flag of Member States of the Union – building contract on/after the 31st of December 2018 - will require to have an on board IHM in the specifications
existing EU-flagged ships, for which the certified IHM is required starting 31 of December 2020
 non EU-flagged vessels, that call a port or anchorage of an EU member state (third-country flagged ships shall also have an IHM starting 31 December 2020)



ensuring safe operation, offering crew training, delivering corresponding manuals

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