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Green Maritime Technology - GMT provides marine engineering and naval architecture services, focusing on new technology and innovative solutions in maritime industry. We offer consultancy and project management services, aiming to improve shipping companies'​ environmental performance whilst lowering operational costs.

Our services cover a wide range of engineering fields; 3D Modeling, 3D Laser Scanning, Design & Implementation Services, Retrofitting Feasibility & Engineering Studies (e.g. Ballast Water Treatment Systems, Exhaust Gas Scrubbers, Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems), FEM/CFD Numerical Studies (e.g. CSR Structural Analyses, Reefer Ventilation System Studies), Propulsion System Studies (Shaft Alignment, Torsional/Lateral/Axial Vibrations, Bearing Performance, Root-cause Analyses), Noise & Vibration Studies (On-board Measurements, Noise/Vibration Mitigation Studies), as well as technical and supervision services for New Building Projects: Technical Specifications & Makers List Review, Plan Approval, Project Management & Supervision, Sea Trial Attendance.

Tackling the challenges of environmental friendly shipping operation as our mission, our experienced engineers and surveyors operate worldwide and assist our clients to deal with their complex engineering projects.

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